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Notice: We have run out of Xbox Live Codes. Please visit XboxTrial.com for Xbox Live Codes. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Note: We ran out of 48 hour codes and it is unlikely that we will be able to get anymore. We now give away $0.75 Amazon.com giftcards. Earn points to redeem Amazon giftcards and you can purchase your own Xbox Live codes, MSP, or whatever else you want on Amazon.com. 100 points = $.75 Amazon

A 3 month code costs $14.39 on Amazon (as of now), which is about 2000 points. This would have previously gotten you 20 48 hour codes (40 days of Xbox Live). Now, it gets you 3 months worth!

1. Clear your cookies and cache before doing the survey. This sometimes helps with getting your survey credited.
2. Allow the page to finish loading before passing or skipping to the next page.
3. Most surveys on the CPAlead widget are 2 page submits. They only require an email on the first page and a shipping address on the second page.
4. Firefox 5.0 (and possibly other versions too) have been known not to credit at all. Try experimenting with different browsers and you may get better results! I suggest Google Chrome.
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